First be sure to Apply and receive your part!

Step 1: Setting up your space

  • Be sure to look over your part and play through a few times with a metronome (A=440)

  • Choose a quiet space with good lighting and no excessive reverb (avoid large spaces that echo)

  • Find a stable way to secure your smartphone/recording devices

  • Try to position yourself in the video frame in the following way:

*avoid commercial or promotional material in your shot

*horizontal video only (16x9 1080p preferred)

Step 2: Headphones and separate audio devices

  • You will need headphones to record with a metronome. The best way is to put a single earbud in one ear and listen to your playing with the other.

  • If you are using a separate audio recording device, such as a field recorder or microphone, optimal placement is 2-3 feet from the bass.

  • If you're skilled enough with recordings, the preferred audio format is WAV, 44.1kHz 32-bit float (But don't worry about it too much!)

Step 3: Record!

  • To line everything up, we'll need you to Clap once, two full bars before the first beat of the piece. Be sure to do this on every single take, and be accurate!

  • As always, be mindful of intonation, articulation, etc. Give full value to all notes, cut off on time.

  • An "orchestral" vibrato is best here. Imagine you're trying to blend with a section

Step 4: Upload

  • Name your video/archive: "My name - Bass #.mp4"

  • Use the form below to upload your video to Google Drive.

  • Choose your best take and send only one recording!

  • If you recorded separate audio, leave it separated. You can upload audio and video as a .zip or .rar archive.